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How To Determine The Length Of A Dissertation Paper

If you are enrolling for your PhD, you must have encountered a discussion on what is a dissertation paper and how to complete one. Other questions that you will have to answer are where to get credible reference materials and how to ensure that it meets the quality required in the market. The question on how long your paper is must also be answered.

How long is a dissertation paper is one of the most disturbing questions for most students. Even the most experienced coaches or supervisors cannot provide a straight answer to this question because it does not exist. Unfortunately, if your paper falls short of the required length, it will be rejected. When it goes beyond the expected length, it will be judged as poorly crafted. How then do you determine the length?

Instructions Given

There are supervisors and departments that give clear guidelines on how long a paper should be. The instructions that define dissertation paper will give a hint of the expected length. This is because such instructions will point at the chapters to be included, the manner data will be presented, how much is expected and any other feature that should be included. You should therefore ensure that you understand the instructions given before drafting your paper. The instructions might not be direct but implied in guidelines provided by your department. Learn more from seasoned dissertation writers.

Your Topic

The topic is an indicator of the expected length of your paper. There are topics that require you to automatically review a lot of literature. Others want you to conduct in depth research which will lead to an increase in the length of the paper. For instance, a descriptive topic might lead to a shorter paper compared to a compare and contrast topic. This is because you will be required to include details about two sides of a story. Get a dissertation paper sample to have an idea of the expected length for your PhD paper.

Data Presented

Data presented and the manner of presentation are determinants of the length of a paper. There are papers with a lot of data which ends up prolonging the length of the ultimate paper. If the data is presented using graphs and charts, your paper will be longer. If it does not require a lot of presentation, you will have fewer pages. An APA dissertation sample paper will guide you on the best data presentation methods to ensure that the expected length is achieved.

Literature Review

How much literature are you expected to review? This will affect the number of pages you write. There are topics that rely a lot on literature review than data presentation. Where a lot of review needs to be done, the length will increase.

There is an expected length for your paper at PhD. You are required to write between 250-350 pages for your PhD paper. This information must be communicated to the writer when you buy a dissertation paper. The requirement for such pages does not leave you with the freedom to write fluff in an attempt to meet the required length.

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