Increase Sales 350% with a Squeeze Page

You may have been searching for effective methods of improving your online marketing business, in addition to increasing your customer base and sales. During your search you may have encountered the term “squeeze page” and was curious about what the term meant, and how using a squeeze page might benefit you.

For online marketing, a squeeze page is designed to motivate online visitors to opt into a mailing list. Online entrepreneurs who seek to attract more website traffic find that focusing their efforts on driving visitors to a squeeze page, rather than a sales page, is a more effective long term marketing strategy.

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Why a Squeeze Page is Beneficial

A squeeze page decreases or even eliminates, many distractions such as external links, and encourages visitors to carry out one action: enter an email address and become part of a mailing list. The absence of external links encourages visitors to leave the page and go on to reading something else. At the bottom of the page, a visitor has the choice of either entering their email address, or leaving the site.

The Splash Page versus the Pop-Up Page

A squeeze page generally has two main formats:

• The pop up squeeze page is formatted so that the marketing list, opt-in form pops up over the content the visitor is attempting to read. The user may then choose to enter their email address, or click the exit button. The exit button is usually strategically placed and not easily spotted.

Even though the pop up squeeze page is popular, its use needs to be reconsidered. Surveys show that 95 percent of online users do not respond positively to pop ups. Over half the users stated they p exited a site that presented a pop up.

• A splash page directs users visiting your website for the first time to a page. A splash page squeeze page can be very effective. However, because some visitors have concerns about unsolicited re-directs, they will not stop to be redirected. To avoid the risk of them leaving your site altogether, you must give them a “no thanks” option to be re-directed to the splash page.

Increase Op-Ins

A free e-book, a synopsis of an e-course, a video link, and a free software trial can be offered as incentives to increase the rates for opt-ins of mailing lists.

You can effectively grow your customer base with a well-designed squeeze page.